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The 3R’s of Resilience-Building

Resilience is critical to effective leadership. You need to nurture it in yourself first. Then you need to build and maintain it in your team. So how can we develop resilience and stay motivated in the face of chronic negative stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity and change?

The Action of Distraction: re-grounding is really good for you

Whatever the catalyst for trauma may be, it can keep on triggering distressing physical, emotional and mental reactions that make functioning in life and work pretty hard-going. Re-grounding routines are simple ways to get back in touch with your body, re-balance your reactions and return to your ‘resilience zone’, where you can hopefully be more trauma-resistant. Reg-grounding is the action of distracting yourself away from anxiety-creating thoughts so you can bring mind and body under control and feel more in control and emotionally safe.

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