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Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

Emotional Intelligence has a lot to do with lifting levels of achievement, motivation, focus, optimism, joy, purpose, positivity and performance. At the bottom of top performance are emotions. Feelings form the background to everything we do. We dramatically underestimate the role emotions play in every corner of our lives.

Conversational Mastery

Whether you’re leading change, dealing with difficult discussions, building a better team, revitalising culture, energising classrooms, coping constructively with complaints or creating an exceptional customer service climate – the essential actions we all take happen almost entirely through conversations.

Culture & Change

As our name suggests, The Change Forum's business is about the business of change – addressing it, managing it, designing processes for it... guiding, facilitating and leading people through change... We provide a range of skilled change management support activities in-house, to suit your specific work setting, cultural context and change challenges.

Building Better Teams

While we naturally work in teams to achieve things we can’t do alone, working well together in them doesn’t come so naturally. We have to learn how to do this...
Whether it’s an office, factory or school, teams are now the main way we organise work. Team-working skills are vital for everyone. Without team-building skills, many people bumble along, making the same old avoidable errors that get teams in a tangle.

Leadership, Facilitation & Coaching

In it’s most general sense, ‘facilitate’ means finding ways to ‘make things easier’. Facilitation is fundamental to effective group functioning. Most groups come together to achieve something in particular and while group working can be really effective, the truth is many teams tend to flounder if left entirely to their own devices.


Developing Leaders

Leadership learning designed to promote positive, supportive, safe, emotionally intelligent workplaces…

Our programs boost your ability to connect mindfully with others, manage emotions positively, cope with difficult situations more confidently, address change constructively and facilitate more energised, effective team-working.

Making Theory Real

Down-to-earth, action-based learning that is practical, real & workplace relevant…

We translate current theory into tangible, easy-to-apply, step-by-step tools people can readily grasp, use and benefit from to promote personal growth, conversational mastery, relational awareness, leadership excellence and workplace well-being

Building Connectivity

3 Keys to brilliant Leaders & Teams: connectivity, culture change and constructive conversations…

We equip people with interactional, self-awareness and discussion skills they need to be more mindful leaders and better team-players with the capacity to build vibrant, healthy and connective work cultures together

Action Learning Guidebooks

Up-to-date, sound learning translated into simple-to-use, practical, down-to-earth applications…

Hands-on learning explored in a safe small group setting, supported by comprehensive, easy-to-follow self-coaching Toolkits for back-at-work action… online Topics, Tips, information FactFiles and e-Books to browse, shop and share

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