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2 or 3-day Clinic for Emerging Leaders… Good leaders aren’t born knowing how to lead – they learn how. Clever organisations realise that looking after their emerging leaders is an essential investment in the future.  Learning to Lead: Laying Foundations for Leadership is a 2-day coaching clinic that aims to give new and emerging leaders practical understanding of the new roles contemporary leaders play , how to apply Senge’s 5 Learning Disciplines to build and sustain dynamic and productive team cultures and a series of fundamental problem-solving, team-building, facilitation and communication tools for successful learning leadership.

2-day Clinic for everyone… Facilitation is fundamental to effective group functioning.  Group working can be really effective but the truth is many teams tend to flounder if left entirely to their own devices. All groups work better together when they have a facilitator with the right tools and techniques to guide them.  Fundamental Facilitation: Getting great results through good group process will help you master most of the aspects that really matter for good group facilitation.  This 2-day practise-intensive clinic is packed with up-to-date facilitation models, tools and techniques you can apply in a wide range of different group-working situations.

1-day Clinic for experienced Facilitators… Good facilitators are always looking for ways to get even better at what they do. This advanced facilitation skills extension clinic can help people who’ve already mastered the basics, lift their facilitation to a new level.
It aims to help people add to their repertoire of tools and hone their existing skills in facilitating groups – whether it’s handling more complex group situations, or applying more sophisticated or complex tools.

2-day Clinic for Leaders… Coaching is a much more effective and emotionally intelligent style for leaders who want to build the capacity of others and boost bottom-line business results. This 2-day practice-intensive clinic shows how to take a coaching approach to performance improvement, with easy-to-apply tools that will give you the know-how and confidence to make this critical leadership transition.





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