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The Change Forum provides practical, down-to-earth learning programs, facilitation, coaching and consulting support for leaders and teams to manage change, participate productively in organisation renewal and build the conversational, relational and teamworking capabilities they need to create vibrant, supportive work cultures and high-performing teams. 

Our change-work centres on the close connection between change, leadership and learning and building the conversational, relational and team-working capabilities of leaders and teams.

In broad terms, our services include:

  • Strategic Change Management
  • Workplace Culture Change
  • Developing Learning Organisations
  • Redesigning Work & Jobs
  • Team Formation & Team Building
  • Customised Learning Programs
  • Coaching Clinics & Forums
  • Leadership Capacity-building
  • Emotional Intelligence & Conversation Skills
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Conference Presenter & Facilitator
  • Creating Learning Resources
vibrant, healthy work cultures
and high performing teams
We think what sets successful organisations
apart from the rest is how well people
learn to lead and manage change.
Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Let us help you step towards the future you want to achieve

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